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Slipperman, et al: How Does One Become A Big-Time Mix Engineer?
Old 20th March 2003
One with big hooves
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Yeah, on that gig tape was just about the only issue. I had a blast during the thing. And if your not having a good time what's the point of working on music? Come on, we could all make more as lawyers.

OTOH, I did spend two and a half days of my life in a ****hole studio with rusty, non-moving stands and the worst monitoring I've ever encountered because I was friends with the drummer (plus, he had dropped two or three decent projects in my lap over the last year) and because I liked the other people and the idea behind the project. And yep, I've been sitting on about $100 worth of tape for about 2 and a half years now. Damn Adat's and all I haven't been able to re-use them. I wish it had been done on 2".

The $100 is the least of it though... my outstanding NYC parking ticket is more then that and it's not a problem. The worst is feeling like I got screwed by a friend and an AE brother. At the very least the guy should've understood my value because he had acknowledged and paid me for it in the past. That gig was a freebie 'thanks' on my end. He had offered to pay me for my time and I said don't bother, just cover the tape costs and my food.

Maybe that was my downfall.
Old 20th March 2003
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Originally posted by Jay Kahrs
Damn Adat's and all I haven't been able to re-use them. I wish it had been done on 2".
ADATS?! Okay, now that's where I draw the line...
Old 21st March 2003
One with big hooves
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Yup. Adats. The whole deal was that my drummer buddy was playing in a band with a really good guitar player (he won the Banjo Depot Guitarmagedden contest the year before) and they had free time at a ****hole studio and didn't really want to use the engineer there and it was an odd format, I think 1" 24 or Akai 12-track or something. There was also a 1/2" 8-track that wasn't working.

I brought in a bunch of mics, my Demeter compressor for the bass and a pair of Adats. The theory behind the Adats was that they were portable and we wouldn't be locked into the studios goofy format and we would be be able to take the tapes and transfer them to the drummer's DAW so he could mix it at a future time. So, I was out of media so I ordered another box of Adat tapes and used 6 out of the 10 on that project. I still have 7 tapes left from that box and that was a year and a half ago. If we had tracked at my place I would've gone to 2" at 15ips or used a DAW.

Still, I think studio wise it was one of the worst gigs I've ever done. I couldn't tell what anything sounded like on the first day so I brought headphones with me on day 2 and the only thing with a 1/4" can jack was a DAT machine with one side that didn't work. From that point on, nothing is free. Reduced rate only.

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