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Come home
Old 5th March 2003
Here for the gear

Come home

Slippy dear, this is your mutha. I don't like you hanging around with these slutz. You could poke your eye out. Now get home where you belong.

Your brother doesn't need to go hang around with slutz. What's wrong with you? Are you trying to embarrass the family? What am I gonna tell all my bridge club friends?

Don't make me send your sister over to get you!
Old 5th March 2003
Here for the gear

Why oh why do you do this to the family?

We begged you to get a real job at the mill like your brother.

Now your hanging around at kinky webforums with a bunch of...oh I just can't take it...

Slipperman! This is your father, get your sorry butt home now!

You've upset your mother and when she's upset I don't get any dinner!

You've goofed off long enough. Now get a hair cut, get some decent clothes, and start looking for a job!
Old 6th March 2003
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...........uh....ohhh............well at least its not the accountant.....
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