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Snares- metal or wood, thick or thin?
Old 10th March 2003
There is only one
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how about mapex? anyone used their "pro" snare? its @ $180 for a 6.5x14.
Old 10th March 2003
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Never liked Mapex too much. Their cheap snares sound pretty generic, and the top of the line stuff sounds good but not great. I'll take Ayotte, DW, Pearl, Tama, Yamaha (Maple Custom) over Mapex anyday.

Use your ears, though.
Old 10th March 2003
Here's the new Frankenstein Acrolite: after editing this message, it appears that the "[img][/img]" tags aren't working correctly...oh well, click the links for the photos!
Old 10th March 2003
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Side question

As long as we're talking about snares, what with the big "crack" sound in snares? I really can't take listening to a bullwhip cracking on every two and four. Here's an example: Keith Richards solo stuff. The snare is like fingernails on a chalkboard.

What ever happened to a normal sounding snare and maybe a rimshot every now and then?

Would you producer types care to comment?
Old 10th March 2003
One with big hooves
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Some of the Mapex snares are pretty decent. I had a band come in with a 6.5x14 brass & gold job that sounded great for a few songs. I forget what we used on the rest, maybe the Rogers COB or the Ludwig because the Mapex was too agressive. I also had good luck with a Mapex piccalo in a 311-ish band. I dunno, stick to the brand names and you can't go too wrong.
Old 12th March 2003
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Originally posted by slipperman
I love the Vox Phantom VI hanging in the back.

I've had a Phantom XII for 30 years. It's got a screaming orange interior on the 'Coffin' case. Used it on a zillion records.
Wow. Did it play in tune? I eventually got rid of mine, since either the first three frets, or the rest of the guitar could be used at any given time. Currently a Fender Strat XII and a Ric with the 12 saddle bridge handle 12 string chores.

As for snares, just to stay on topic, I have two roughly 7.5" x 15" jobbys. Both have been custom worked at some point. One was apparently Slingerland to begin with, the other probably Pearl. The Slingerland is Rosewood, the Pearl is Maple. They sound too much alike, but they both sound like God's drum. I really hate most of the piccolos and such. Then again my kit makes drummers retch, until they sit down at it.

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