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what mic's you like on drums SM?
Old 3rd March 2003
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what mic's you like on drums SM?

Just playing along with this here....

Seriously.. since you got bags on tricks up your sleeves for days.. what cha like on your drums? 421's or e-509's on toms I imagine, 57's on the snare? top and bottom? what other mics on snare?

what about kicks? RE20? d112?

tell us some CRAZY stuff you do. I can't imagine you would just slap some mics up, run em into your neve pres and call it down.

what cha got brudda?
Old 4th March 2003
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I know SM's busy as hell making a rekkid. The last time I was at his place they had three kits set up in the main room, one of them was just an ambiant thing with one AT4050 up.

The other two kits were kinda standard 4-piece deals. Both kits had the usual suspects. Toms with 421's, 451's overhead and on the hat, 57 and a 414 on the snare blah blah. The other kit looked identical mic wise, D112 in the kick and whatever but had a 4038 down low, maybe 5 or 6 feet out from the kick. There was also a pair of U87's behind and above the kit. Maybe a second pair of OH's, maybe room I dunno. They were placed a bit back from the kit and a little higher and much farther apart then the main overheads. The main difference was the drums themselves. There were also a ****load of cymbals and a bunch o' snares hanging around with brand spankin' new heads on everything.

Now EQ OTOH.... whew...
Old 4th March 2003
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Originally posted by slipperman
Wow! Moosely with the photo memory!!!

My drum secrets are compromised!!!!

Seal all exits!!!

Find BOND! Find him now.
Heh heh. My memory is pretty whacked, I might not have any idea what day it is or what I had for lunch yesterday (honestly, I can't remember but I was at the Palisades mall) but I can remember goofy **** like that. Don't worry, the secret EQ settings are safe with me.

**** it, I'll spill it.

The answer to the EQ question is...

Lots. yuktyy
Old 4th March 2003
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Originally posted by Jay Kahrs
one of them was just an ambiant thing with one AT4050 up.
Nah... that was the 'rehearsal kit' so the kid didn't beat the **** out of the "recording kits" when they were firming up arrangements. you were.
Old 4th March 2003
One with big hooves
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Ah, when I got there the night you guys knocked off early SM told me that it was the rehearsal / ambiant mic kit and that it had been used in parts of a few songs.
Old 4th March 2003
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I hate it when people get supersticious about eq-ing while tracking.... especially when they claim that it will mess up dfegad "the phase."

Anybody ever use crystal element mics for "special effects"?

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