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Slipperman, how do you promote a new studio...
Old 2nd March 2003
Slipperman, how do you promote a new studio...

... when you hate almost everybody?

What would J.D. Salinger do?

Seriously, how do you promote a studio without being a gladhand marketing monkey? Or is that just part of the deal.

If you can't answer that, then how the hell do you promote a new studio at all?

Old 4th March 2003
I've got a small studio, primarily geared toward ad agencies -- radio commercials, corporate CDs and the like.

Occasionally I record singer-songwriters. That's never a problem. It's getting new biz that's a problem.

But I think people would like to hear from you in general about how to promote a recording studio. If you still remember from the early days.

Old 5th March 2003
Gear Nut

If you're going for radio production, you obviously break that down into local, and national/regional. The reason is that you'd go to different people for each.

If you want to bring local advertising production work in, you have to get in tight with the front-line advertising sales staff at the local radio outlets...the ones that are calling on the car dealerships, the local hospitals, the restaurants, the harley shops, the independent insurance agents. Do some quid-pro-quo deals with these ad sales guys...get in their front pocket. When the clients sign up with them for airtime, you get them to book production time with you at the same time, for a kickback (commission). Usually, the ad sales guys are CRYING for someone else to do production besides the on-air 'talent'...they want an option besides the in-house ad production dept.

Regional/national/franchise advertising invariably goes through ad agencies. You can often find the creative directors/account managers at industry mixers...join the local ad club, buy a 2x4 business card ad in their directory, go to their sponsored business-after-hours events, their open houses, etc. Buy drinks. pass out CDs like candy. Set a commissionable rate that gives them a woodie.

I don't know where you're located, but I know one guy who filled in his studio schedule by booking porn ADR/Post. Their needs are not complex. Although he did say that the work was mind-numbingly boring and tedious...not erotic in the least after the first 8 minutes or so...

I believe it is also a very good idea to frequent all the area open mic nights at bars/borders books/restaurants, and pass out biz cards or rate cards. Sometimes those guys aren't just amateurs torturing a Taylor and attracting horny screech owls...they're media directors for their 20 million revenue corporations...Think of it this're only a couple degrees of separation from someone with a half million media budget.

Old 5th March 2003
Gear Addict
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Originally posted by zowd
....Think of it this're only a couple degrees of separation from someone with a half million media budget.

Nice post!
Old 5th March 2003
Yeah, Zowd, great post. Thanks.

Obviously, I was kind of joking around but the serious part of my post... well, I just don't want to be a salesman, you know? Or I should say the kind of salesman I can't stand. You know the type.

And Slipperman, thanks for the words on Hicks and my column. Appreciate it.

Old 5th March 2003
Gear Nut

I'm completely with you there. I have no tolerance for sales droids that are obviously doing commission math in their heads as they talk to you.

But there's a big difference between that and doing the "I'm here!" kind of work.

The main thing is that potential clients are NOT going to ferret you out, they just don't have time.

Old 5th March 2003
Yep, you're right. I've got to make calling me the convenient thing to do.

Hey, I got a pit bull to wear headphones. I can do this.

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