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Apologies to those....and THX.
Old 25th May 2007
mongrell mixer
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Apologies to those....and THX.

End of a month and I'm very sorry for some of the questions left unanswered. Some very specific ones where I could not find the record to reference were especially frustrating for me. I tend to give away CDs and then of course when I need them, where the F$#K!!
So again, sorry.
That said, I loved this and will be looking in often.

Thank ya'll for the very warm reception, thank you JP for turning me on to this, and thank you Jules for your coordination..............and the mug...............oh.........and the T thumbsup shirt.

To the best within us.
Old 25th May 2007
Gear Nut
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thank you! every thread was a great read with some brilliant insights. it was incredibly generous of you to share the wealth of knowledge and experience.

Old 25th May 2007
Gear Head

Thank you for a fantastic Q+A. Your attitude and outlook have been every bit as eye-opening as the techniques you've shared. So again, many thanks.

-egan o'rourke
Old 25th May 2007
Lives for gear
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Cheers to that! Thanks so much for the inspiration!!!

Old 26th May 2007
Gear Nut

Thanks man, be safe!

Dwight Dunlap
Old 26th May 2007
Lives for gear
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This has been a great read Tchad, a lot of food for thought there, many thanks for your time thumbsup

Old 26th May 2007
Gear Addict
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thanks for being here...and thanks for all the records you've given and continue to give us.

and all the information you've shared.

Old 26th May 2007 | Show parent
Gear Nut

Thanks man, that was amazing!
All the best from Berlin!

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Lives for gear
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Wow Tchad,

Don't be sorry....

Thanks heaps, you really made me feel more confident in trusting my instincts. AND it's already reflecting in my recording and mixing.


And the names of artists mentioned, ones you've recorded and ones that inspired you were -.-.-.-.- awesome to listen to.

Stina Nordenstam - WoW

Lisa Germano - WoW Wow

Robert Wyatt - WoW WoW WoW

Van der Graph Generator - - Really did my head in

Orchestra Boabab - how did they get to make that djembe to sound like it was above me and to the left of my left speaker heh

AND if you've come away with Inspiration from the interest we all have in you...I can't wait to here your future projects

Thanx Buzz
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Gear Nut

Thanks, this has been really insightful, even those of us not asking questions learned a lot, I'm sure.

And thanks for Jules for facilitating these Q&A forums, they really are amazing.
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Gear Guru
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Thanks for spending the time here and for all the great music you've help to create.

Please remain active on the board. It's great having you here.
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Gear Maniac
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Thank you Tchad!!
Ive been mixing a project through out your time here and I must say!, What and inspired periode it has been!!, probably the best mixing ive done so far!.
I am surely gonna miss this, down to earth just plain and simple head to head open conversation.
Thanks Tchad for the time and you were here.
your not only one to got something out of this!!


Old 27th May 2007 | Show parent
Here for the gear

More thanks

I'd just like to add my thanks for all that you have offered/shared. It really has been most informative, inspirational and fun to read.

Very much obliged to you,


Old 27th May 2007 | Show parent
Lives for gear
DirkB's Avatar

Thank you very much for this great contribution.
I found your posts to be a very refreshing, different perspective, really inspirational.

Hopefully you join in from time to time but mostly keep help creating great music!

Greetings from the Netherlands,
Old 27th May 2007 | Show parent
Gear Addict
Recycled_Brains's Avatar

what they (^^^^) said.


Old 27th May 2007 | Show parent
Thanks for contributing, please stick around ...
Old 27th May 2007 | Show parent
Gear Addict
JulianBrightnes's Avatar


Dear TChad,

Thanks a lot. I had great reads here, even if I didn't post any questions myself.
Amazing you took the time to do this.

And Jules: thanks for running the best forum around...

Cheers, Julian
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Lives for gear
wildpark's Avatar

many many thanks tchad from germany

hello tchad

your definitive give me new solutions and new point too go

will said many many thanks i much appreciate all your answering here

you open much oldschool thinking eyes

for itb mixing with plugins .

i allway have too loose my time with artists how just wanna work only with outboard gear

now i give them this tread no. and they can see whatup with

that much of your hero like records make with plugs.

at least iam mostly inside blackmusic game

but your sexsmith records mixing is awesome i wish i can learn more about it at anytime(please jules giv him some money for encore hehe).

i wish you and your family all the best ... health more sucess lol

meaby if have the fortune too come closer too your work anytime.


wildpark artist network germany

p.s hit me if you plan a dvd turtorial with itb mixing techniqes i will buy that direkly.
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Gear Head

You were one of my heroes especially for the work you did with Stina Nordenstamm but this Q&A has opened my eyes to lots of stuff I didn't know you did that I'm looking so much forward to checking out... But above all it has been incredibly inspiring to read both specific techniques but also just you general attitude towards recording music. As another poster said it has really strengthened confidence in following ones gut instinct. Thanks for being here
Best regards
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Lives for gear
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Thx for doing this Tchad - and don't be a stranger!
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Lives for gear
jchadstopherhuez's Avatar

Thank you Tchad for your time, and all the information and inspiration you have shared here.

From the moment I heard the hard panned dualing drums on suzzane vega's "Tombstone" I found a new love of music production. I started as a musican, and was always in love with the SOUNDS of records when i was growing up. As I progressed through the label and music making machine, I lost that love of the pure FEELING of records. Hearing what you have done sonically to shape some of the greatest artists of the past 20 years has inspired me beyond description.

Today I chase the sounds and feelings that records inspired in me as a kid. I live music today, no longer chasing the fame, money, etc. I make RECORDS with ARTISTS....and I wanted to thank you personally for providing a great deal of my textbooks in this form of art we call record making.

Warm wishes on your new endeavors into the world of digital audio, and new horizons of this music business. Your work, your sounds, and now your words have inspired me again...thanks for taking the time out of your life to contribute to this forum.

I hope everyone here will not focus on trying to use all the information you have shared to mimic your STYLE...but instead, use it as more information, more inspiration in their own unique production styles, and more importantly...make music that touches the listener on many, many levels.

I know I will...



Thank you very much for your note. tb
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