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Bare essentials
Old 5th February 2014
Here for the gear

Bare essentials

Hi Sylvia,

You're stranded on a desert island en route to picking up yet another award... In the wreckage you find a Mac with Logic installed and someone's wallet containing $300. Whilst surveying your island, you find a magical shop selling off secondhand studio equipment and other related bric-a-brac. Outside the shop, a bunch of eager musicians are smoking joints (stay with me...).

What bare essentials for recording heavy rock and acoustic ballad style music in a home DAW environment would you buy from the shop for under $300 to get half-decent results?


Old 15th February 2014
Shure SM58 mic, Boss blue Compression pedal, Tech21 SanAmp pedal, Presonus Audiobox. Mmmmm did I overspend my budget? Typical.
Old 15th February 2014
Gear Nut
What do you use the Boss compressor pedal on?
Old 16th February 2014
Ooooh, scratch that Presonus. For your budget you should look for these cool little ART Tube Pres. They come up used for around $50 and with the money left over you can buy some Mai-Tais on the beach!!!

Bare essentials-artmicpre.jpg
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