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The Casanovas
Old 3rd February 2014
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The Casanovas

Can you tell something about recording and mixing the Casanovas album? In my opinion it's one of the greatest "newer" rock albums, so I'm interested in any details how it was made. Thank you.
Old 22nd February 2014
The Casanovas came to Weed, California from Australia to record in the massive vaudevillian theater I have set-up as a recording studio. See what it is like here:

Sylvia Massy The Theater

We did this album entirely analog on my Studer A820 2" machine, first time I've done all analog in a long time... no, actually I did cheat a little bit... We recorded initial tracking of drums, bass and guitar live on tape, keeping the live takes intact, then I transferred those masters into ProTools and slaved the ProTools back to the Studio A820 to continue with overdubs and vocals. We punched in on vocal tracks, comped vocal tracks together old-school from track to track on the Studer. Then after the overdubs and vocal comps were done, it was all transferred back to our analog tape tracking masters and we did our mixes from that.

It's important to do an analog tape project like this now and then just to make you appreciate the richness of sound and the magic of a good performance. The Casanovas was a band that could actually pull it off, they were suuuuuper tight and exciting. We captured it all on tape and kept the performances intact, warts and all. I still get tingly when I listen to this record.
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