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You have the Sound City console?
Old 29th January 2014
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You have the Sound City console?

Hi Sylvia,

In the Sound City documentary, Dave Grohl buys the Neve 8038 from Sound City. It looks like it has since gone to you?

Just interested in how that came about, and how much work was necessary to get that console re-commissioned?

Old 1st February 2014
Yes, I have a Neve 8038 from Sound City but not Dave's. I bought my 8038 in London from CTS Studios and had it shipped over in the 90's, where it lived in the B room at Sound City for the better part of a decade. Many important records were done through it at Sound City, including those by Queens Of The Stone Age, Sheryl Crow, the Black Crowes, Smashing Pumpkins, Johnny Cash, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Lenny Kravitz, and Frank Black to name a few. It has a distinctive sound that is instantly recognizable. Dave Grohl bought the 8028 out of the A room. That was the Nirvana console.

I brought my Neve up to my studio in Weed, California, where it has been cranking away for the last 14 years, installed into an vintage vaudevillian theater. It is outfitted with Martinsound Flying Faders automation so it is a workhorse for both tracking and mixing. The console has rarely been fussy, however on occasion it is "possessed" by spirits of the old theater. Usually happening around 2am, I've heard stories of the temperature dropping in the room and the whole console coming to life! Lights flashing, faders whipping around wildly, strange sounds coming out of it. After a really crazy haunting episode while Kai Huppunen from Methods Of Mayhem was in the studio, Channel 13 stopped working entirely.

Of all the gear I have bought and sold over the years, my Neve console is absolutely the best investment I've made. It continues to amaze and I use it just about every day. And yes, Channel 13 is back in operation!

See more about the Neve and my studio here:
Sylvia Massy The Theater

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Old 2nd February 2014
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Thanks for providing the incredible background history of your console. It was a most interesting read. I am glad that channel 13 is back in operation and that the console continues to serve you well. That is so weird that channel 13 was the only channel that was spooked.
Old 3rd February 2014
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Thanks so much for your reply Sylvia! The detailed replies you are giving us are making this become one of the greatest Q&A's here on this site! Thanks!

BTW, loving that theater studio setup you now have. What a cool space!
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