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Digital age
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Digital age

Hi Sylvia

Thanks for taking the time to offer your knowledge.

We live in a time where digital has almost overtaken analogue for just about everything. From making music on iPads to having a $1,000 microphone system (Slate Virtual Microphone) that can emulate a whole range of microphones.

How do you find a balance between digital and analogue? What is crossing the line for you? When do you say that's enough?.. Even when the artist asks for 'more'... More warmth... More bass... More loudness... Move that slider up and see what happens... Give me more volume... Even when the audience/listeners are unconsciously seeking 'more'.

With mix engineers such as Andrew Scheps claiming to be 100% in the box and the constant flow of new plugins being released from professional audio software developers, will analogue mixing be a thing of the past and will we all inevitably abandon analogue but still look to recreate the sound in a digital environment?
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