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The vocal chain from your book
Old 18th July 2016
The vocal chain from your book

Sylvia, LOVING your book! I actually bought an extra copy to give to my mix engineer because i didn't want him borrowing mine and never giving it back.

I appreciate you actually giving people a go- to vocal chain that usually works for you. I found your approach very sensible and compelling and I'm just curious about how to best apply that to my setup.

I have a couple of good LDC mics (and you've got me very close to buying a Mojave M200, I assure you) into a Vintech X73 and then I usually go into an Altec 4360that has been modded by Bryce Gonzales- so that's my vari mu, but I also have a Distressor and I'm wondering how you would utilize that? Would you set it to emulate an 1176? Fast attack, high compression ratio, but set to just catch the loud bits?

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