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Sylvia is back!!!!!
Old 14th July 2016
Cool Sylvia is back!!!!!

A huge welcome back to Sylvia Massy for an unprecedented SECOND Q+A. Her first Q+A in 2014 was one of the best ever and we're ridiculously thrilled to have her here again to answer any questions you might have!! She will be joining us from next Monday, but you are invited to submit questions now so we can get them approved in time. Please read the Q+A rules if you need a reminder of how these work or if this is your first one!

For those unaware, Sylvia has a new book out - there is a discussion thread about it here - and in that thread there is also an exclusive discount for US-based Gearslutz members. If you're not the US then we still encourage you to seek out a copy anyway! If you already have yours then Sylvia will be more than happy to discuss anything to do with it as well, but this Q+A is open to all her past work as well.

As I mentioned in the other post, if you want to post a question please first have a quick scan of her previous Q+A to ensure that your question has not already been covered, but if you have a followup question to anything in there then now is your chance - or just ask something new!

Old 19th July 2016
Many thanks for letting us have this 2nd take!

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