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The interface and its role in musical expression
Old 9th December 2016
Here for the gear
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Lightbulb The interface and its role in musical expression

Hi Suzanne,

I was fortunate enough to see you perform in Montreal this year which was a dream come true. Thank you for bringing your Buchla to the city and sharing your beautiful music with us.

The interface for a musician is such a critically important part of the creative process, but in many ways expressive, creative means of interfacing with synthesizers took a major backseat for a very long period of time, and only recently seem to be on their way back (Linnstrument, ROLI Rise, etc.) What would your ideal interface look like? What would it feature and how would that empower your expression and creativity?

Thank you very much, and as a side note as I read your notes about the passing of Don I was struck by your direct referencing to his pioneering work with quad-interface and voltage controlled reverb. I asked myself the same thing, and after some digging found some hopeful developments.

I thought it might be nice to share with you the fantastic KOMA Poltergeist which I think captures some of the immediacy and flexibility of some of Don's older designs and makes them quite a bit more accessible.

Secondly the Erbe-Verb is a fantastic voltage-controlled (digital) reverb put out my Make Noise that offers some incredible control over parameters that would only be possible in the digital realm, and I think you might like it.

Thanks again!

Old 12th December 2016
Suzanne Ciani
Sevwave's Avatar

Hi Pat,

Thanks for your thought ful and deep would take a very long answer for me to specify what it is I'm longing for in an interface...but on the mot superficial level, I could say I need to be able to reach for the knobs and dials and levers and patch cords, I need clear feed back from the system --lights that tell me exactly what's going on in there, I need reliability so that when I travel it holds up, I need portability so that it can travel easily, I need a quad interface for sure, I need ocillators that stay in tune, I need consistent voltage response so that tunings can be accomplished across multiple sources of control voltage, I need a good matrix mixer, I need a sequencer with programmable pulse outputs and a strobe function and with octave switching instantaneously to different ranges...

Thank you for turning me on to those modules...I'll give them a close look...I'm going to be spending some time with Make Noise soon and will make sure to try out the reverb....and the spatial output module looks cool...I'm used to having control voltages looking different from audio and so when I look at this module, I'm not quite sure what is a control input and what is an audio input...and perhaps they are in some cases the same...but I'll check it out more closely.

More later....
Old 16th December 2016
There are actually also voltage controlled spring reverbs within eurorack!
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