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Your relation to other forms of Electronic music
Old 5th December 2016
Your relation to other forms of Electronic music

I only recently became aware of your work and involved in the modular world, but my introduction into electronic music was through genres such as house, techno, etc.--it seems to me the pattern of electronic music development has been that a lot of the early developments and much of the technology itself was generated here in the USA, but culturally, on a widespread level, it seems indisputable to me that Europe has long assumed a more important position.
Related to this, I notice that you and some of your contemporaries don't ever seem to use percussion of any type or reference these modern forms of music--I appreciate both sides although personally I think Aphex Twin is the modern Bach of electronic music and his recent works hit the right spot on all sorts of levels of being both immediate and abstract. This is a bit long winded, but to rephrase, my question is sort of--what are your thoughts on these other mediums, why do you and other such contemporaries not reference them or try to use more explicit percussion/everything that's happened since the 80s, and if you like, how about the racial divisions/differences present? (e.g. old school synthesis and as evidenced by Kaitlyn Smith and some other contemporaries has an extremely white feel and energy about it (not saying there's racism or anything, just culture and demographics), as where many of the important aspects of modern electronic music were started by different sub cultures and minority groups--a lot of modern techno and house basically has its roots in gay black music and gatherings).

Old 12th December 2016
Suzanne Ciani
Sevwave's Avatar

Hi Nick,

Thanks for your observations....and I think I'm understanding the question, but not sure. My roots are classical and Buchla, so that's kinda where I come from...and through the New York studio scene.
I guess we're all different and the nice thing about electronic music is that it's a very open medium and can go so many different ways. I agree with you that Europe has been more influential in the artistic sense...the U.S. is very commercially driven and we don't care very much about our artists. When I started out, because Tangerine Dream had had some success in Europe, I thought maybe I could get a record deal there, but it didn't work out.
To me, electronic music is a collaborative process in the sense that the user/musicians depend upon the designers/inventors and it's not impossible for those two aspects to come from different places, different countries, regions. Europe seems to be leading the way in all directions now...and it's exciting to see how all this evolves this time around...I'd like to see some of Buchla's vision manifested, of course...
I don't use drums--- which I don't consider modern, because drumming was probably the earliest musical expression---because they mask what's going on in the counterpoint and the musical detail. I do love dance music, though, just don't do it. But I do think that taking out the drums might open up a whole new way of working. One doesn't need drums to drive the's already in the machine...
I've always been open to someone doing a dance remix of my stuff, though, even though I myself wouldn't do it.

Thanks and please let me know if I missed your ideas...

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