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mixing drums
Old 10th January 2019
Here for the gear

mixing drums

thank you STARCADIAN and Gearslutz for this Q+A!

can you tell us some of your tricks when mixing the drums in your songs?

Old 15th January 2019
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Oof, like I mentioned before, I'm not very good at that, but what I have found is that if you listen to Oliver enough and obsess over their structure and mixing, eventually it starts clicking in your brain.

- I use very tight sidechaining, so I don't let it take too long to come back up, but the threshold is very low.
- I use Ozone Tonal Balance Control to double-check my mix at all times
- Definitely use The Glue to punch them up.
- By FAR one of the hardest songs to mix was Freak Night, there is an obscene amount of things going on. When I got it where I wanted, I actually ended up grouping everything and adding an extra layer of drums that I sidechained the whole song with. Normally I would advise very much against that, it's kinda sloppy and not very controllable, but it saved me in that particular instance.
- I also use Valhalla Reverb a TON to give the drums a little bit of space and not have them be completely dry/electronic.
- Night Games has about 7-8 different snares layered together, sometimes you have to build it up.
- My last tip is to look into the Maschine Expansions, I thought I had my drums all figured out until I heard its drum sounds. Holy crap they are GOOD. I don't know what it is about them but the kicks and hi hats are unbelievable. Also you don't need a Maschine to use them anymore.
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