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Any Plug-ins that Replaced Hardware?
Old 29th July 2015
Any Plug-ins that Replaced Hardware?

Title says it all: are there any plug-ins that have been able to replace hardware because you found it to be just as good, if not better?

Old 29th July 2015
Ross Hogarth
BoogieMotel's Avatar

Not that they have replaced completely but there are a few that are really good
UA borrowed my actual OG API 560 eq's to model and since these specific ones were really special
when they got it right
The UA 560 and 550 A eq's are really good
Also the UA 140 Plate is very good as is the AMS RMX
the Slate Digital VTM tape machine has some very cool attributes ITB and sounds musical to me
lots of the digital delays like
Echoboy or WAves H Delay and J37 have replaced my hardware
I rarely use outboard delay processing anymore
just some old funky ones that are 8 bit and sound crappy .. like some crappy old Korg one I have ....these have a sound that is hard to replicate ..
There are lots of eq's that work well from Waves , like the V series,
and UA like the Helios
for the most part since I am mixing hybrid ITB, almost all my eq is happening ITB
but the thing that is still lacking for me that I am always first reaching for in the analog domain is compression
it seems that on really important in your face elements in the mix, I am still relying on my analog compression
even tho there are a few LA3 models
my LA 3's have a sound
or my 1176's
there are tons of those and many work well on certain things but when I am compressing my lead vocal
I am reaching for my analog OG 1176's or my Purple MC77
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