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Van Halen's Different...Truth
Old 24th July 2015
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Van Halen's Different...Truth

Hi Ross,

What was the vocal recording chain you used, mic/pre/etc on Blood and Fire ?

Was it the same for the whole album or did it change song by song?

Thank you!
Old 25th July 2015
Ross Hogarth
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Actually one mic was used for all of Daves vocals
he is a creature of habit
and has a certain voodoo associated with what works
if you use one mic and one mic pre
no matter what day your working on something
if you want to change or alter something
it always matches
and if it does not match
its the VOCAL / ARTIST or the distance from the mic
not the engineering
I use
one mic
one mic pre
and NO EQ
weird right ? no compression
but with DLR he does not want to hear the wrong compression pushing back on him
so we set up basically the compression he likes in his phones
and that would not be the kind of compression I would want to print on his vocal
I use no compression and deal with that in the mix
and the compression he hears is strictly for him to vibe to and sing to for his dining and dancing pleasure

MIC = a great M49 ...
PRE = a nice NEVE 1084

done ....
pre set with plenty of headroom so no overs in Pro tools on his screams
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