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Using the Overstayer MAS
Old 20th July 2015
Using the Overstayer MAS


I've heard you know something about the sound of the Overstayer MAS. I've read some interesting things about that box but have a few questions about what it actually does or sounds like. Is this more of a tape sim type of sound or is it mainly a distortion/saturation type thing? How well does it deliver on the promise of sounding something like "thru console to tape"? I've been trying various methods and devices (like everybody else is) to try and soften transients and digital harshness. I'm an old tape guy but gave up tape for good about 3 years ago. I'm not looking for something that sounds just like tape, just a device that simply and reliably warms up and softens any digital source run through it. Would the MAS be good for this?

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Old 20th July 2015
Ross Hogarth
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Jeff Turzo of Overstayer is brilliant and MAD .. a mad scientist to come up with the gear he does
he comes up with boxes that are unique and sound unique
The MAS is a crazy voodoo box
I really have no idea what it does except make what goes in come out sounding cool
It does smooth the edges and round the curves but
you can get it to be crunchy when you hit it hard or smooth when you dont hit as hard
I would invite Jeff on here to explain in his own words what it does
but my experience of it is that its subtler than his Saturator which can really be aggressive and nasty
I also love his FET compressor on drums .. OMG ..that is a great box ..
the Saturator is definitely more obvious than the MAS
but the MAS is has a really nice midrange bump on Wurli's and Clavs and spanky guitars
Its for sure a must try box for people that like hardware
and like I said
The FET compressor will spank your drums like no other ... go get em Overstayer !
Old 20th July 2015
Lives for gear
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Hi Ross,
Thanks for answering our questions!

Are you using the older half rack size FET compressor, or his new FET design, the stereo field effect compressor/limiter?
Old 20th July 2015
Thanks Ross. I just had a long conversation with Jeff about the MAS and what it does Vs the Saturator. Sounds like it might be just what somebody like me needs. I do mostly bluegrass/folk/Americana type stuff and it sounds like it would be perfect for tracking and mixing that type of stuff. He mentioned Eric Valentine used it on everything tracking and mixing the Nickel Creek Dotted line CD. I'm very eager to try it out.
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