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stereo imaging
Old 15th July 2015
Gear Maniac

stereo imaging

Hi Ross,

I really like your work. Beauty in the simplicity. Detailed in motion.
= Awesome.

so here´s my Q:
I´m a big fan of 70´s productions - very warm, clear, wide - without modern psychoacoustic effects.
It makes me wonder why 60`s and 70`s songs are so fat and > wide, nevertheless great sound in both: stereo and mono!
But all these modern techniques and nice gimmicks (like MB Spreader, Stereo Widener, M/S, MB Enhancer etc.) did not exist at that time...

What is your way of stereo imaging?
Is there a trick to get a track very wide in the mixing process?
(yes, doubling guitars/vox/synths, match pannings/levels, and so on...but...)
oh of course, I´m sure we all take care of mono compatibility.

Many thanks & regards
Old 17th July 2015
Ross Hogarth
BoogieMotel's Avatar

I mainly subscribe to the L C R method
this is a tried and true method
then I pick my in between points very wisely
that way those things stand out
I also make sure that the so called stereo audio tracks aren't just glorified mono
my reverbs as I said in the reverb thread are not all stereo
this tends to make everything narrow and mono too
also make sure in your session setup window in pro tools that its set to -3 db pan depth
Pro tools defaults to -2.5
most analog consoles are -3db pan depth

the spreader plugins tend to be phase nightmares in general
useful at times but weird bandaids more often

old recordings tend to hold up because of the recording and mixing methods and gear
its hard to compete with but we all try and persevere
start with L C R on the next mix and see how that goes for you
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