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Jimmy Eat World "Dizzy" bass tone?
Old 14th July 2015
Jimmy Eat World "Dizzy" bass tone?

Hey Ross,

Thanks so much for doing this, my bassist continually bugs me to reference the tone in "Dizzy" off of Chase This Light. I was wondering if you could shed some insight into the tracking chains for the bass, it sounds like a Jazz bass to my ears but I could very well be wrong. Great work! Absolutely love that album.
Old 17th July 2015
Ross Hogarth
BoogieMotel's Avatar

i must apologize .. i do not remember ... sorry ... most of my bass recordings are DI of choice / an Ampeg B15 or B100R or SVT / and an extra track of distortion for dining and dancing
usually the distortion is a zvex wooly mammoth or a sans amp or my friend Blues Sarceno's dad Alex makes the Dirty Boy Bass Bully pedal that is awesome
Old 20th July 2015
Gear Nut

Hi Ross

What model of Sansamp? Do you use a DI format (bassdriver or PSA-1) or a pedal (Vt bass, Gt-2...) going through the amp?

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