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What is your approach to reverb?
Old 12th July 2015
What is your approach to reverb?

Can you enlighten us on how you approach reverb on a typical mixing session?
Old 14th July 2015
Ross Hogarth
BoogieMotel's Avatar

i tend to find spaces to enhance the sources
i am not a big "long" reverb guy
i dont tend to care for that
I have always liked things on the dryer side
so i tend to find little spaces that can place things in different stages of depth of field
I also try to make sure that my reverbs are not all stereo all the time
if a guitar is panned left
i may make the reverb mostly left
actually on the opposite side so the source stays dry but the space splays to the opposite side
I am a big fan of weird spring reverbs
i love taking a strange spring and possibly heavily eq'ing it after the reverb
I also use many differing pre delays so the reverb is not always right on top of the source in time but following by some amount or pre delay
then, on one possible source I may make that one thing live in a deeper space at the back of the mix
its all mix and song dependent
i tend to rarely if ever use long reverbs on drums
that was something we did in the 80s on the power ballads and I think its really cheesy
sometimes maybe on one lo tom or something for effect but the long reverb or heavily gated reverb is so passe'
i also quite often use a 1/4 note delay or 1/8 note delay in place of reverb
it seems to stay out of the way
i also will put reverb after a long delay to soften the hard edges of a delay
dont be afraid to eq sends and returns
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