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How to Get In Your Position
Old 11th July 2015
Lives for gear
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How to Get In Your Position

To all upcoming engineers, do you have any words of wisdom about how one can get to your level? Is most of it networking?

Old 13th July 2015
Ross Hogarth
BoogieMotel's Avatar

"Choose a job you love and you never work a day in your life ... "

"Most great opportunities are disguised as hard work" ....

"Just be yourself .. everyone else is already taken "

"surround yourself with people better than yourself .. it will inspire you to be better than yourself"

"admit your mistakes whenever possible it will create the chance for you to learn instead of deceive"

See the Job
Do the Job and
Stay out of the Misery ...

these are some of the mottos of my life ..
I have worked my ass off for every "lucky break"
but I also have been fortunate to put myself in situations to create opportunities ..
people skills are as important if not more important than the technical at times
learn how to deal with all sorts of people in your life
all business is about people not just business
the music business is not just about music or business
its about people
learn how to be inspired when life looks like its serving you a **** sandwich
learn that everything you do in life is going to be the sum of the parts so choose what you do wisely
every record, every mix, every recording is your legacy so do the very best work you can possibly no matter what and hopefully someone eventually notices your commitment to excellence
networking or having friends and allies is important
but not falsely
wise people see through hidden agendas
be real
be of service
learn service
you are not entitled to jack****
do not feel that because you bought a degree or your parents bought you a degree that the world owes you jack****
earn it back and pay it back
people hiring or in positions of power like to know that people they are hiring understand service

this is just the tip of the huge iceberg of success

i could go on and on but I think you get the picture
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