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Your credit list is so diverse.
Old 10th July 2015
Deleted 7f9cade
Your credit list is so diverse.

Hi Ross. I read through your credit list and it is very impressive as well as being extremely diverse. Celine Dion and Jewel to Coal Chamber and DevilDriver.

Can you talk about how you approach your projects and how you are able to work on so many different types of music and stay true to each artist's vision.

Also what types of workflow changes do you incorporate to accommodate a metal band vs a solo artist vs a pop record.

Old 11th July 2015
Ross Hogarth
BoogieMotel's Avatar

I love being diverse .. I'd be bored otherwise
I find that whatever style of music I am working on it is all about the artist and the vision
so communication is tantamount
If I can get a clear picture on what the artist wants
I can then add my own flavor to the project
I love all styles of music , so find it fun and exciting to go between styles and artists
I need to make sure that sonically I am honoring the music and delivering the goods

for example in metal,
the guitars are usually detuned somewhat or a lot in some cases
so i get into string gauges and pickups and the actual instrument decisions
speaker cabinet and amp choices etc
like on drums
to cut through that dense sonic
the drums will need more bite than on a Ziggy Marley or Jewel record ..
so sonically I need to have my game on

as far as flow,
it really depends on whether a band can cut together or needs to just build tracks
whatever works here

with a solo artist, I may actually start by having the artist just play to drums and bass and build from there
I have also had great results by building simple groove loops like clik but not plain old clik
and then having the artist finish there guitar/ vocal
piano /vocal
and then add whatever is needed after the fact

pop for sure these days is a whole building block production and I think thats why many pop records are devoid of emotion
I get hired to track and mix a lot of music that I would not choose to produce
when i produce Ziggy or the Doobie Brothers
I really like to have a room full of musicians playing together
Old 11th July 2015
Ross Hogarth
BoogieMotel's Avatar

To add to my response above
I come from an aesthetic that likes spontaneity, magic and the interplay with musicians
one of my complaints about a lot of music in all styles today is that because of unlimited takes and tracks in the digital domain
Many records in all styles of music do not have as much magic or interplay as would be if the musicians were playing off each other
they are more safe and expectable
we live in a time where most all photo's are retouched or filtered
most all movies are made out of a zillion edits and records follow suit
I believe that when a record comes out that has something different about it these days it stands out because of certain aesthetics
and unexpected moments
one of the things I do not like to lose sight of are some the points I bring up on this
and helps in all styles of music production
Old 12th July 2015
Deleted 7f9cade
Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

Are you Dez Farfara's engineer of choice? Seeing as he is the singer of both Coal Chamber and DevilDriver.

Have you guys been working together for a while?

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