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Methodology for Tuning before and during Modular set
Old 24th July 2016
Here for the gear
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Methodology for Tuning before and during Modular set

Hi Richard. Great forum here.

What is your methodology for tuning before and during your modular sets?

Old 26th July 2016
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Hi, thanks for the message here. I typically use quantizers for my show. In some of the pieces, I will program one of the 4 channels of CV coming from the Modcan Touch Sequencer. Each track can be set to a specific key, and scale. You also have the option to make your own customizable scales. Its really great in that you have the ability to play stored sequences in performance mode, or set them up to play in song mode.

In some tracks I disable the quantize feature in the Modcan TS, and use the built in quantize input modes on the Mutable Instruments Braids Macro Oscillator. What is great is that you can set the root note and quantize mode for the oscillator tuning. The latest 1.8 update has added over 50 new quantize scales and a built in VCA mode. This has been really handy as I use 3 of the Braids oscillators, for all sorts of musical textures throughout the show. I can easily replicate accurate tuning across all 3 oscillators pretty quickly. I also use the Intellijel Shapeshifter for chords and pads, as its also has a built in quantize feature. So my method was to use either the quantizers in my main sequencer or to use the built in quantize features on these digital oscillators.

If I am tuning analog oscillators, I will usually do it by ear in the studio if I have lots of time to prepare and work on a patch. There are a few times where I have used combinations of digital quantized and manually tuned analog oscillators or my patches. :-) hope that helps :-)
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