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Switches and Attenuators
Old 20th July 2016
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Switches and Attenuators

Thanks so much for doing this Richard!

I notice in your live setup on ModularGrid that you don't have any attenuators. I feel like I constantly need attenuators to scale modulate voltages and stuff. Curious how you avoid needing them.

I'm also amazed that you are able to make tracks that never feel static, but you don't seem to use any switches in your live system. Curious if you use switches much or how you find other ways to keep things from becoming repetitive.


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Old 22nd July 2016
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Hello thanks for the message here, you are correct. I don't have any attenuators in my live setup case, but I use about 5 to 7 floating passive attenuators by RYO that I use between cable connections to specific modules. I did this to conserve space for power needing modules, so I always bring a bag full of them to every show. Here is a link to them here, they are great.

In my studio rigs I have many attenuators, like the intellijel Triatt which I have 3 of, and Cwejman ATT4 x 2. I love them and use them almost on every studio patch.

As for switches I have many, the EricaSynths Sequential Switch, Doepfer A-150/150 x 2, Toppobrillo Mixiplexer, and my favorite the WMD/SSM Sequential Switch Matrix. I use the WMD Sequential Switch the most, in that I can store presets with the macro machines storage strip. Its really fun, in that you can send a gate, and set the recall position to random, you can get some crazy stuff happening with these two. There is also a internal randomize mode on the SSM, which can brings lots of complexity to a patch. I highly recommend getting one of these if you want endless organic variations :-)
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