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Recording analogue
Old 15th July 2016
Here for the gear
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Recording analogue

Hello Richard,

thank you for your time.

I have analogue gear: Rolands 707 727 202 101 606 . does quality of recorded analogue sounds depends much whether it have been run through external fx before recording to computer or after recording using Cubase fx (waves plug-ins) instead, or even both methods? I don't like raw recorded sound because level is low, especially tr 606 beats sounds lame .

If using external gear is better, then can you please give advice on what external fx gear I should get to make better quality of the recorded analogue sound or maybe any tips on working with analogue sound(especially how to make stereo from mono or leave Rolands sound as it is).

I recording through Propellerhead balance using 96kH 24 bit in Cubase.

sorry if questions may seem silly, I'am new to music composing using analogue maschines


Old 22nd July 2016
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Hi Alex, I have been lately using a lot of external effects pedals and effects processors as I have been trying to do everything outside the box with the modular recordings. Here is a few of my favorites, that really sparkle the mixes up with interesting effects:

1. Eventide H9 Max. Incredible, probably my favorite piece Eventide has made recently next to my Eventide H8000FW. The H9 software is great, in that you can customize which algorithms you want, and set the patches, and controls exactly they way you want. I like to run, this in stereo for some of the verbs and delays, sounds so nice with my Roland Jupiter-6, and equally well on the TR-606/303.

2. Strymon "Big Sky", I have almost used this pedal on every modular track lately, the shimmer and non-linear modes are absolutely gorgeous on analog synths and drum machines.

3. Eventide Eclipse, Another great box, that I constantly go back to for running my analog synths and drum machines through, has this incredible crystal sparkle quality to it, that really brings some amazing space and depth to the effects in my mixes.

4. Strymon TimeLine - Delay pedal, another amazing effects pedal that I love running on my vintage drum machines, and synths. I generally like to run this on a Aux send and return on my Allen & Heath analog mixer.
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