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Do you use Elektron Octatrack at all?
Old 9th July 2016
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Do you use Elektron Octatrack at all?

Hi Richard. Thanks for coming on here!

Just wondering, have/do you use the Elektron Octatrack? If so, I'd love to hear how you use it. Workflow, tips and tricks, and integration with your other gear (especially modular stuff)

Old 12th July 2016
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To bump and add to this, when we spoke at NAMM (I noted one one day that we were both wearing Coil shirts, and we spoke for a little while the next day at the Elektron booth), you mentioned that you had a bunch of recordings/video of stuff you'd done with a few different Elektron machines that you were sitting on. Have you given any more thought to posting that material?

To Stevism: you can view his performance from a track on his last album done on the OT here:
Old 16th July 2016
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Very repsectful bump
Old 24th July 2016
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Hi thanks for the message here, I have been using the Octatrack mainly as a drum percussion sampler. I took all of my single shot drum libraries (EXS/Battery) and put them on a 64GB compact flash card. I also put some shorter sound effect glitches that are also organized on the card. From there I create a new project and then go through my drum libraries and select samples that will either be setup as a Static or Flex Machine.

Its always a little different with each project but what I like doing most with the Octatrack is making the samples modulate and shift around constantly using the 3 LFO's. I love setting each one up as a slow moving random step shape. With the LFO designer I will draw really jagged irregular steps to automate effects, sample pitches, start and end times etc. I love making everything sound as organic as possible. From here I will start making parameter locks in conjunction with programmed patterns. I then try to create 6 or 8 patterns that sort of flow into a song that I will manually step through during a track. I sort of tweak and play out the patterns in real-time. I also love making two extreme scene presets with the fader and moving the fader back and forth, and in conjunction with all the other things happening can get pretty out of hand quickly even just using one track. :-)

I have been doing this a lot with my modular running the Octatrack into the Kenton Pro Solo via midi then using the Octatrack as my master clock and drum machine with the modular. I then take two of the gate outputs from the Kenton Pro solo and clock into the MakeNoise Rene/Intellijel Metropolis/sequencers and then mult out to other modules to see what is working. Its all pretty straight forward, but really fun as there are so many points where you can improvise and interject the sequences.
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