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Your approach to mixing
Old 9th July 2016
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Your approach to mixing

Hi thanks for doing this Q&A,

When you work on a song, do you work "serially" where you start with composition, sound design move to arrangement and finally mixing or do you work in "parallel" where it all happens simultaneously as you go? Especially interested in your thoughts on mixing.
Old 13th July 2016
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Hi thanks for the message here, I use to have a overly complicated mixing setup for my tracks. I have lately tried to limit my tools and minimize my mixing process. I find that I work better with a smaller limited setup. In terms of my composition approach its always different. Sometimes it might start out with a rhythmic sequence, or simple melody. Other times it could be a folder of processed sounds, samples, or a Reaktor/Max patch that I have been tweaking. Lately I haven't even been using the computer to make music, and have been focusing on writing music with the Eurorack modular. With that I always come up with something different, and never work the same way. Sometimes I will set a sequencer as the master clock, then control other sequencers in a chain. I love experimenting and trying new things, and seeing what happens. It's a real trial and error process, some things work, others fail. I tend to sculpt/mix each individual voice/instrument as I go along. In the end I take each instrument/voice and run them into my Apollo 16. I use a handful of UA plug-ins on the incoming channels in the console software. I then mix the stems through a Dangerous Music Monitor 2BUS LT, and then do a 16 channel analog mix through the summing mixer. I usually use a combination of UA,Fabfilter, and Waves plug-ins spread across all the channels. Then I take the stereo mix and send one final pass through the Avalon VT-747SP, to make any last final tweaks with. That is pretty much it, I am looking to upgrade to the new 2Bus LT+ later this month as it has a harmonic distortion generator function, which will probably replace my Avalon, and allow me much better routing flexibility and control. :-)
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