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hardware vs software in your opinion!?
Old 7th July 2016
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hardware vs software in your opinion!?

Years 2016
Many software and big sample rate and bit depth.
Plz compare with hardware
Old 16th July 2016
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Hello thanks for the message here. In terms of hardware vs software. I would say that I am bit of a 50/50 person. I create and mix down both in the analog/digital realm. I have a few digital and all analog synthesizers and drum machines. I think each has its own flavor and color to add to a project. In terms of high sample rates, I usually record everything at 24/96khz. My setup is pretty simple, I use an Apollo 16 going into a Dangerous Music 2Bus LT, then the stereo mix goes into a Avalon 747SP. I love the Universal Audio/Fabfilter plug-ins for little tweaks on my channel inserts. So its a bit of a hybrid setup, trying to take advantage of both worlds. I think there are some wonderful options available now in 2016. I am really looking forward to upgrading my D/A convertor from the older DACST to the 2-Convert by Dangerous Music, and I also plan to upgrade to the 2Bus + with new coloration options.

I am not an expert on what sounds better, I just use what I have found that works for me. I have also done lots of in the box mixes on the go on my Macbook Pro. I just love the BrainWorX, McDSP, and Fabfilter plug-ins for this. I honestly think that you can get great results going either way, if that is what your asking. I am not biased to work one way or the other. :-)
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