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Old 5th July 2016
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Hi Richard,

Thanx for the opportunity to ask you some questions!
I saw on Facebook a few days ago a picture you posted of a setup for ambisonic recordings. What is your setup of choice?
Also, have you tested binaural recordings, with a head or intra-aural microphones? Have you also tested binaural "synthesis", i.e. using mono or stereo or multichannel sources for sound design in binaural output?


Old 13th July 2016
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Hello thanks for the message here. I have just recently started into the world of Ambisonic recordings. I am currently working on a VR audio project for Google, and have been capturing Ambisonic environmental recordings for them using the Sound Field 450ST MKII system and my Sound Devices 788T recorder. Here is a link to the system: ST450 MKII SoundField Portable - TSL Products

My binaural recording setup as of lately has been using DPA Microphones SMK4060 Stereo Microphone Kit. I actually use my own head, and clip the two DPA 4060's into these iPod headphone ear clips for runners called BudFits: BudFits - Keep Your iPod or iPhone Earbuds From Falling Out - Workout Headphones Pro

What is great is that the DPA's hang down in the opening near my ear openings, placing them in the perfect position. I have gone out to many places and capture stealthy binaural recordings, as it looks like I am just sitting listening to music etc. I sometimes just use these and my Zoom H6, makes it less obtrusive, and never draws any attention when I am out in public.

I am planning on picking up the 3DIO Free Space Pro II Binaural Microphone system later this year, as I think it will be a better option for capturing binraural recordings on the fly, over my current setup :-)

Recently I have been playing around with The SoundScape Renderer (SSR) and Harpex-B which is a parametric decoder that offers a lot of flexibility in working with Format-B, and is what I am primarily using on this Google project: Harpex
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