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routines / performance
Old 2nd July 2016
routines / performance

For people who don't know.. Richard Devine is not only overwhelmingly talented, but additionally is just an all around impressive person. He's got a talent for being laid back and and outgoing while maintaining an unreal work ethic that might have one assume he never leaves the studio.

Richard, I think people would benefit (myself included, of course) knowing if you have any particular morning routines, general approaches to foster a solid work ethic, and any other perspectives or discipline-oriented behaviors/mental reinforcements that are important for you.

It's cool to see that you're doing this q-a for gs.
Old 9th July 2016
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Hello thanks for the message here, and thank you for the kind comments. This is a good question as I have a few morning routines, that I follow almost every day. I usually get up around 9:00AM, and the first thing I do is make Coffee. I pretty much run on Coffee for the first 6 hours of my work day, lol. I always try to keep to the same schedule. After my coffee I start out by answering emails, followed by a few client calls/Google hangouts/Skype etc. I usually try to schedule these before noon. Then I start working in the studio from then on taking only a short break for lunch, then working again until dinner time. I have recently gotten into the habit of using timers on the iphone or from within my computer. I try to set timers for how long I will be working on specific tasks, which might be sound design, editing, or programming. This helps me keep track of how many hours I am logging in for particular jobs, and is also a really good way to keep me on task, when working under deadlines. I feel I work much better when under pressure and have a deadline even if they are self imposed.

I also try to limit my online social media time to only about 30 to 40 minutes in the morning to read up on new things, or news. Then catch up again later at night after I have worked in the studio all day. I am really trying to be more disciplined about this, as you can get sucked into facebook and other distractions. Another thing I practice is I try to constantly get involved with as many sound design projects as possible. So in between working on bigger jobs, I will always take in smaller jobs even if they have smaller budgets to learn new things, and acquire new skills and tools. I feel this is really important to keep learning new things, even if they are out of your comfort zone. :-)
Old 16th July 2016
To be fair, that question is a staple of Tim Ferriss interviews. Since his podcast focuses on speaking with high-performance individuals people could benefit by your response and it's no surprise that you share a lot of habits with many of the people who excel in life. It's worth mentioning for those reading that you also balance a lovely family life and wonderful friendships. I've always been blown away at your ability to juggle so well. Thanks, as always, for providing a great example of what a person can achieve in a difficult career path without compromising integrity or valuable aspects of life that cannot be measured in financial terms.
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