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Field Recording Processing
Old 2nd July 2016
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Field Recording Processing

Hey Richard

I was just wondering if you do a lot of field recording and how your treating them in a session.

Cheers & thanks for doing this.

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Old 5th August 2016
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Hi thanks for the message here, I have done lots of field recordings over the years and they have always played a major role in my projects and sessions. I typically use my Sound Devices 788T and a handful of different microphones to capture most of my field recordings. I often capture the sounds then import them into the computer where I might edit out some of the best sections to use within a music composition, or for a sound design project. I like to normalize, repair, denoise, and clean up the audio with iZotope's RX 5 Advance software. I highly recommend grabbing this software if its in your budget. This application alone has saved me countless hours on projects and I can honestly say its one that is used almost every day here.

From there I bring in the final pieces into my DAW for further processing or layering to create sound effects or to be used as components for a electronic composition. I have some examples of field recordings up on my Soundcloud page, which are also offered as free downloads if you get a second check some of these out below. :-)

Most recent, Field Recordings of the Mysterious Ringing Rocks of Montana:

Multi-Channel Field Recording of a Symphony of Frogs in the Rain:

Multi-Channel Field Recording of a Jacobs Ladder aka (high voltage traveling arc)

Multi-Channel Field Recording of 12,000 Bee’s

Underwater Hydrophone Recordings of Burning Embers of wood:
Old 12th August 2016
Yeah I saw a little video of you tapping those rocks with a hammer, on location.
I find it very cool that someone does that, but decides to leave the stones there, for others to enjoy as well.
thanks for the links, inspirational
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