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Matt Bellamy vocals
Old 12th July 2009
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Matt Bellamy vocals

Hi John, thanks for taking time to share your considerable knowledge.

The singer from Muse is one of my favourite vocalists and a defining part of his style is the sharp intakes of breath that add drama and urgency to his performance.
Was it your decision as producer to leave the breathing in (as this part of the performance is often gated out) for artistic reasons? Did you encourage the artist to develop this part of his act?

Thanks again
Old 13th July 2009
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Matt Bellamy vocals

Yes. We left the breathing in and no, I didnt encourage it, it just comes naturally with passion! With compression on the vocal it pushes the breathing forward and sometimes if too loud would be reduced in the mix. Most of the time we'd just let it go. The mic was Rhode Classic tube mic which is like a 'modern' U47 and if new its very bright but a little 15k top cut helps
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