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Click Tracks.
Old 9th July 2009
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Click Tracks.

Hi John,

Thanks for taking the time out to answer some questions here; your replies so far have made for interesting and informative reading.

I am interested in the use of click tracks in your productions. Mainly on the Stone Roses, the Bends and Z (MMJ). Did you use clicks throughout the tracks or would they be turned off at a certain point? Do you generally prefer tracking with or without clicks? (I guess this is a project-to-project question...).

Many thanks,

Old 13th July 2009
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Click Tracks

Hi Jimmy
If you run down the best top 25 records of all time i bet you none of them were recorded with click tracks.
There's no click tracks on Stone Roses apart from Fools Gold. There's none on Z except Wordless Chorus and Bends I think was all click tracks. So it varies from band to band and what the music needs. I prefer knowing the bpm on the count in and then letting it go. Its good for bands from time to time to rehearse with click tracks especially on new songs.
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