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Rajneesh Commune Sabbatical
Old 5th July 2009
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Rajneesh Commune Sabbatical

Hi John,
Was this recorded in Oregon?

Did you spend much time at the commune? Any info or stories I would love to hear as I think the Bagwan was an amazing phenomenon and that a lot of his teachings will be more and more relevant now and in the future.

I notice some stuff you've done with a hindu/spiritual theme, did you try to find this work or did it come to you?

Old 5th July 2009
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Rajneesh Commune Sabbatical

You mean Seasons album by Morgan Fisher? No it was recorded at Medina Rajneesh Neo Sannyas Commune in Suffolk UK around 1982. Music was a big part of life in the commune. We had lots of instruments and a sound cellar where we could set up record. There was great pool of talented musicians to play but most of the record, which is all cover versions, was started with eight track tape percussion loops round the room and mixed too an arrangement. No click, no midi.
Osho or Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh has many teachings that are relevant to all of us living here and now today. I'm extremely grateful for my time with him. There are Osho centres around the world and I'd really recommend anyone to spend time with books or taped discourse and to actively participate in the meditations.
Thanks JL
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