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My Morning Jacket Z
Old 2nd July 2009
My Morning Jacket Z

Hey John,

Thanks for doing this, it's great to be able to hear and talk to the masters.

Anyway, I just wanted to know about the production of Z, I've always thought the production and mixing were phenomenal on this album.

But specifically, the songs Gideon and Dondante, what mic/signal chain (compressor, eq, etc.) was used on Jim? Do you remember what reverb(s) were used?

Old 7th July 2009
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Hi Sword in Hand
Z was recorded at Allaire in NY state in Great Hall studio. Whole record done on 16 track 2 inch tape and mixed to tape at Sunset Sound in Hollywood. Dondante is the band live in studio one take no overdubs with Jim doing vocals and guitar live. A few of tracks on Z are live vocals. Usually Neuman or Telefunken 47 or SM58, mic pre Neve 1073 and probably Urei 1176 on end. Reverbs would be Zoom reverb box Jim had, dont know type but would if I saw it, and probably EMT plate from Sunset Sound or even the famous chamber at Sunset Sound as used by other Jim from Doors!
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