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Harrison guitar sound
Old 1st July 2009
Harrison guitar sound

hello john, can you tell us about harrison's guitar in all things must pass, i've always think it's very special. thanks, bye.
Old 6th July 2009
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Harrison Guitar Sound

Dont know really...was long long ago.
George probably played a Strat at the time and often used Fender Champ or Vibro Champ amps. Miked with Neuman 87 or67 and always double tracked or ADTed. Lots double tracked acoustics too.
Cheers JL
Old 6th July 2009
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I can humbly add maybe one other thing. I worked on a record that George played guitar on and he would use a wah pedal - half cocked as a filter - and double track; for that famous slide guitar sound of his.
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