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Untreated Rooms
Old 1st July 2009
Untreated Rooms

In your interview in 'Behind the Glass' you make a somewhat provocative statement saying that 'all acoustic treatment is rubbish' .

If I understood you correctly, you're saying that a mix done in an untreated room (i.e a typical carpeted living room and not an empty garage of course) will translate much better as the listener will be in a similar sonic space?

thanks again

Old 7th July 2009
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Untreated Rooms

Hi Andi
I remember doing interview for that book years ago and the subject came up in the conversation. So obviously I'm not an acoustic design expert with the maths etc but having worked in many rooms and had varying results I find the main thing is to learn the room and its response... the size of speakers and the air they have to move is important and instinctive to feel really. You have to have a setup where you can hear what you're doing ie when you move the eq you can hear it happening. Yes, carpet the floor. velvet curtains are good as can be drawn back and really just listen every day to a good reference CD of music you love or what you're trying to attain to. Just get to know the high end, the low end and the space in between, the width. Play your mixes elsewhere, make adjustments.
Even in best designed, top of range mixing rooms you still have to 'learn' the room.
Hope this is of use
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Dear John,

Thanks very much for your answer! What you say makes total sense.

Often, the one big argument for 'fully treating' a mix room is saying that you won't hear the deficies of an 'uneven' room when mixing and therefore over-compensationg for say a low-mid loss. I never realy understood that argument because to me there isn't a standard for tehe frequency makeup of a mix.

Don't know if I can really put that into words but anyway, the method you describe makes total sense: Instead of an abstract theoretical benchmark (the perfect room) you're using real-world references.

BTW, one record you did that never fails to amaze me sonically is Dr. John's 'Anutha Zone'. A non-engineer friend of mine was totally blown away when we played that on his tiny car system once when driving to a gig: It sounds great no matter what the system.

Thnaks again for doing this here on Gearslutz, I love this place!
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