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Your Book
Old 29th December 2010
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Your Book

HI Ken,

Many thanks for this absolutely fascinating Q&A. I am old enough to have just caught studios when reel to reels and tape were king. The owner of the studio I worked at loved technology and got into all the digital stuff early on. So I was blessed with seeing and partaking in both worlds - and still do.

My question is, you have mentioned your forthcoming book, could you please tell us the title, when it will be out, where we can get it (UK here), ISBN number, price etc etc.

Can't wait to read it.

Many many thanks.
Old 30th December 2010
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Hiya, Thanks so much for asking about the book. I so wish I could answer your questions, but we are at the very beginning of putting it together. Although I have been interviewing/chatting with people from my past for a while now a deal has only just been finalised and the work really starts with the new year.

I very much look forward to it being completed and I'm already bracing myself for the inevitable flak.

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