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Old school vs New school's of thought.
Old 23rd December 2010
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Old school vs New school's of thought.

Hi Ken,

Awesome having such a luminary around these parts!

Whilst I'm somewhat of a 'younger' lad, bought up in the dying days of tape and the cold dark days of PT Mix+ systems ( 888's should have been called 666's as they sounded so rubbish!), I think my methods are kinda old school.

I was lucky in the sense that quite a few exprienced and road hardened engineers passed through my shop with pedigree's of strict broadcasting backgrounds where they are taught to think and act fast and capture the moment, as they think it should sound as a finished product. I think the most lasting aspect for me is the fact they certainly were'nt shy in the use of EQ and compression. And when they had the take it was practially 80-85% of the sound of the finished product. I love to get nasty with EQ and Compp to get things happening ASAP.

Do you find it somewhat limiting to inspiration and flow that people are now reticent to make these hard,fast and binding decisions and go with their gut as DAW and technology affords them too many options and pallettes?

Thanks in advance
Old 30th December 2010
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Hi Wiggy, I think I've said in another thread that one of the things that most p's me off about recording today is that no-one makes a decision, hence 2 years between releases. Unfortunately this is a problem that stretches much further than the studio. How many times have you been to Blockbuster or the market and there's someone on their cell phone describing a movie or a can of beans to the person on the other end because they are fearful of making their own decisions.

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