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My Sweet Lord
Old 23rd December 2010
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My Sweet Lord

Hi Ken, In another post you mentioned about the background vocals for My Sweet Lord. Could you tell us anything about how the acoustic guitars were recorded for this masterpiece? Were the guitars all done in one take with George and his mates and was there more than one pass? Just one mic? Do you know if it was George's idea or Phils' to go for the big layered guitar sound? The guitars seem to have a good deal of reverb on them? Do you remember anything about the reverb used? Also concerning this song, it sounds to me that alot of George's slide playing on his solo efforts was done straight into the board.Is this how it was done on My Sweet Lord? Thanks for your time and it is a real thrill just to be able to ask you a question on this forum and I can't wait for your book to come out. I hope it will include a chapter just on the All Things Must Pass sessions. Thank again, Mark
Old 30th December 2010
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Hi Mark, I am afraid I can't tell you about the recording of the acoustics as the basic tracks were wonderfully recorded at EMI by Phil McDonald. I can tell you that GH wanted PS to produce the album specifically for the big Spector wall of sound and that they were played live on the basic track.

The reverb? Dependent on the song it was added at either EMI or Trident. At EMI it was probably the chamber for Number 2 studio, as that's where they were recording. At Trident it was an EMT plate. Sometimes with a delay on it, sometimes not.

My best recollection is that most of Georges guitars were through an amp. He wasn't quite as much into the direct sound at that point as he later became.

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