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Piano tone on Lou Reed's "Satellite of Love"
Old 22nd December 2010
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Piano tone on Lou Reed's "Satellite of Love"

Hey Ken, I know I keep bugging you, but this is going to be my final question I ask you.

I just wanted to ask you about the pianos you used on Satellite of Love. When the song starts, it sounds like a grand piano is playing, but when the breakdown comes in at around 2:25, it seems to "chorus". Did you add any FX to the piano or did you simply change the piano? Whatever you did there, it sounds absolutely AMAZING!

Thank you very much for answering my 2 previous questions, it means a lot heh

Hope you have a Merry Christmas Ken heh

Old 22nd December 2010
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Hi again Dan, I'm not at home and so I can't double check but I believe that what I did was have whoever played the piano, I can't remember who it was, double the part in question with the varispeed on the tape machine going slightly fast. This made the second piano slightly flat and it creates the piano sound you're asking about. You will also find that effect on Elton's Elderberry Wine and several other things I've worked on.

Cheers and a wonderful Christmas to you too.
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