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EJ - Don't Shoot Me I'm Only the Piano Player
Old 22nd December 2010
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EJ - Don't Shoot Me I'm Only the Piano Player

Hi Ken,

"Don't Shoot Me" has long been a favorite of mine. The sound is lush and the songs flow wonderfully from start to finish.

I was wondering if you'd mind sharing some of the things that made that particular record unique - what things stand out the most for you on those sessions?

Was there a sense of excitement over creating new sounds?

Also, did you handle the mixing as well?

Much Thanks in advance for offering this rare opportunity!!

Best Regards,

Old 23rd December 2010
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Hi Alan, I hate to tell you this but it was just another Elton album. It was a really good album, but nothing more than one would expect from the talented musicians involved.

Did I mix it too? I did. It was fun, but I had already started my move into production and so was chomping at the bit to have more artistic say. Sorry.

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