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Your feeling on the transitions in music format..
Old 19th December 2010
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Your feeling on the transitions in music format..

Hello Ken!

Ultimately all the painstaking work that goes on in the studio leads to the listeners experience after purchasing the music.

Just curious how you have felt about the industry's move from the traditional LP records we all grew up with to CDs (WAV format) since this is how your work gets presented. I gathered from another thread you might not be such a fan of the MP3 format.

Do you feel overall we've gained? Lost? There's been endless debate over analogue vs. digital. I just miss the experience I grew up with (yes the sound, but also the larger sleeves with liner notes and artwork).

On a side note, was watching the Beatles On Record documentary last night and caught a photo still in the Abbey Road Studios with a young guy sitting at the board with red hair (and red shirt). Could that have been you? I will always wonder!


Ramin Streets
Chicago, IL
Old 22nd December 2010
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Hi Ramin, I hate to tell you this but there's a very good possibility that the colour on your TV may not be adjusted quite correctly. I say possibility because if that was me you saw then it should be dirty blonde hair and an orange shirt. Not red hair and red shirt.

First and foremost, much as I hate cds for so many varied reasons, we did need digitized music to come on the market just at the time it did. Records were selling in such quantity that the quality of the vinyl used was becoming of a tremendously low quality. I dread to think what music would sound like today had we kept going with just vinyl. Much as it hurts me to say, I'm pretty sure the sound quality would be worse than mp3s. And thanks to the majors being run by suits rather than music people, I'm also pretty sure that the musical quality would be pretty much the same as it is, abysmal.

I said in another post that both analog and digital have good points. We just have to stop thinking in an all or nothing way. Use both. Why does it have to be all analog or all digital? It doesn't. We can get the best of both worlds.

As far as mp3s go, I'm not a particular fan, but considering the musical quality that's foisted on the public by the majors in collaboration with Clear Chanel and the like, mp3s are fine. Once the strangle hold is broken and talent wins out, which it will, it must, then people will start to to treat music as more than elevator style background noise and listen properly again and then something other than mp3s and the bloody awful loudness wars will prevail.

And yes the 12" x 12" packaging was perfect. An art form unto it's self. Wow, you could even read the lyrics without a magnifying glass. You see record companies should be offering that format on the internet, but they're to stupid to realise the full potential of the web. All they're interested in is having their trade organisation sue people that just don't happen to be on their mailing lists to get product for free.

I need to calm down a little.

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