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Records That Inspired You
Old 17th December 2010
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Records That Inspired You

Hi Ken,

I'd be interested to hear what records initially inspired you growing up and made you want to get involved in music. Thanks.
Old 17th December 2010
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Hi, My first records were 78s of Presley, Bill Haley and Buddy Holly. They got me into music. The recording side came through being given a Grundig TK25 as a gift for a birthday or Christmas, I can't remember which. I would record all the hits off of the radio and did some radio plays for school, so I was totally into recording. The epiphany came whilst watching a TV show called Here Come The Girls and it was about an English singer named Carol Deene. At one point they panned from her singing into a mic up to a huge glass window with a guy sitting behind this big desk like thing and I knew I had to be him. It was a couple of years later that I discovered that it had been shot in Number 2 studio at Abbey Road and the guy I saw was an engineer by the name of Malcolm Addey who later became one of my mentors. Life is so strange.

So the short answer to your question,no specific records just all in general.

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