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As I was poking around the web, I noticed that monitors seem to be a rare example of gear about which you are kinda picky.

Would you care to pontificate/elaborate/expound a bit on this subject?

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Hi, Pontificate?????? I don't pontificate ( to speak in a pompous or dogmatic manner ). At least I bloody well hope I don't. My GOM will on occasion escape, but he just lets loose, he doesn't pontificate.

Monitors. Yes, I have used many different ones. Some being better than others. I can't give you specifics because so much also depends on the room. I gauge them by playing something I know well and seeing if it generally sounds the same as at home, on a system I know really well, only louder. I like it loud. I need to feel it as well as just hear it and so near fields really don't do it for me.

I've also found that too many so called experts make way too much by "setting up" a room. I remember only too well going into a studio a few years ago and after listening to something for a couple of minutes I asked how they set up their monitors. I was informed that they had a Urei graphic across each of them but that they were set correctly because they had had in their "expert" the day before to make sure they were set up correctly. I insisted I had to change the graphics and eventually permission was granted. I finally got them sounding the way I liked and work began.

When we arrived back at the studio the next day I was told that they had called in their "expert" again and after running all his tests he confirmed that the speakers were still perfect. Unfortunately he didn't realise that my settings were still in. How can they be right in both instances? They can't. It was all baloney, but he still got paid.

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