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Outboard essentials
Old 15th December 2010
Outboard essentials

Ken, To be able to ask you a question is an outright pleasure and gift of this oustanding forum. I have thought long and hard on what to ask and it has to be, as a fairley new engineer, I am smitten with plug ins, and particularly so with UAD. You mentioned earlier how you also like some of the plug ins, however, if you had to have two or three pieces of outboard gear in terms of proccessers and effects, what would these pieces be.The reason for the question is simple in that obviously money dictates what I can have at the moment, however, I do have loads of plug ins and would want to (after I've paid for my neve and api mic pres) buy some out board if it helps. Iv'e hreard many good things about the la 2a for instance, would this be considered a piece of MUST HAVE outboard. As also, wether true or not, Ive heard that outboard eq is much more superior to plug ins, then there is Limiters, where signal can be pushed higher, taken you have a reel to reel to record it on. Yeah, what three pieces would you have if you were stuck with a daw Ken?PS Thanks for your awsome output over the years, its tremendous how much you have achieved.

Old 15th December 2010
Please bear in mind that there aren't any "Silver Bullets" in this game and rather than put our guest on the spot about what to purchase you might want to concentrate more on technique questions...? But anyway... Best of luck!

Ken? (I have held back most of the "what shall I buy" questions.... But this was put so nicely!....)


Desert island gear question.
Old 15th December 2010
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Hi Andy, This is such a hard question because the choice of hardware is so determined by what it's going to be used for, and so I'll give 3 things that as and when funds become available one should invest in.
First monitors. As I said in another post, if you don't know what you're really listening to how can you do a good job.
Secondly would be at least one good all around mic. We would use AKG D19cs and Sony C38s for almost everything, they were much cheaper back then, so it doesn't have to be a top notch condenser, just one that you try and find is pretty good on a lot of different things.
Third would be a good all around limiter. An LA2 or 3 are both good on everything. If there was money to burn a couple of Fairchild 660s or Altec 436bs are great, but they each have their own distinct sound and so are only good for certain things.
I hope that helps.


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