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Isolation n
Old 14th December 2010
Isolation n

Hey again Ken,
Got a question regarding isolation, on the whole would you have groups playing together in the same room with a bit of bleed, or would you isolate drumkit etc.. overdub guitars etc. Would I be right in saying vocals were almost always taken after the Instruments? did you ever run into problems with bleed and time-delay that gave away the room too much
Old 22nd December 2010
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Hi, I have no set pattern. It all depends on the music. A group like Mahavishnu Orchestra was basically all life in the studio, even Bill's drums. Then with Missing Persons Terry would sometimes lay down the initial track with no-one else playing, just his drums, and then one by one I'd put everyone else on. And yes vocals are left until late. Not always last but certainly after the basic groundwork has been laid.

The only bleed problem I can remember finished up not being a problem. It was on the track Crime Of The Century by Supertramp. The original recording was done at Trident and Bob was in the drum booth with Rick playing piano in the main studio. There was a little bleed but no problem. Later, after many overdubs, the drums in the first half, the song part before the long outro, didn't blend in properly. So we rerecorded them. But there was leakage from the original drums and what we finished up with is a ghost of drums past that can be heard every now and again when the new drums drift slightly and I have to say that it is an effect I really like and have tried on purpose to get again, but the accident has always proved to be better than the purposeful.

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