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What started your interest in audio?
Old 14th December 2010
What started your interest in audio?

Ken Scott what we're some of your favorite recordings that inspired you to become an audio engineer? Do you have a musical background in your family tree or do you play any instruments/vox yourself?

I'm in awe of your engineering output, as they say well done!
Old 15th January 2011
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Hi, I started listening to Presley, Holly, Bill Haley, all the early rock acts on an old wind up gramophone at a very early age. That was my start with music appreciation. None of my family were into music.

I then got a tape recorder when I was 12 and I used to record a lot of music off the radio and also recorded radio type plays with some friends for inclusion in our English classes. That was the start of my appreciation of recording.

It really finally clicked when I was about 14. I was watching a TV show that featured a young British singer named Carol Deene whom I really had the hots for. At one point the camera panned from her singing into a mic ( a Neumann U47 as I later learned ) up to a large window with someone sitting behind this table like thing. Instantly I knew I wanted to be him. Strangely enough the studio she was in was Number 2 studio at EMI and the guy I saw was an engineer named Malcolm Addey who just a couple of years later became one of my mentors and a friend.

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