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Technology, the Internet, and the Music Business
Old 12th December 2010
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Technology, the Internet, and the Music Business

With all of your experience, how do you think the changes in technology (particularly in the past 10 years) have most impacted musicians, producers, and the record industry? And what are the pros and cons, in your opinion, of this current era brought about by the internet and these changes?

Thanks for taking your time to answer these questions!
Old 23rd December 2010
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Hi, Well first of all the new technology has allowed some very talented people to accomplish things they never would have been able to.

Second of all the new technology has allowed some very untalented people to accomplish things they never should have been able to.

It's the yin and yang. For all the good that has/might come from the advances an equal and opposite force of bad is brought forth. Unfortunately because of the mind set of today's major labels we tend to be bombarded by the mediocre but I'm a firm believer that that will turn around. Throughout history talent has won out and it will again.

If I had to pick out my BIGGEST complaint about modern technology, that would most certainly be that no-one has to (is willing to) make a decision. When working with 4, 8 or 16, even 24 track you had to make decisions early on as to how something was going to sound and what worked or not. These days, with unlimited tracks, it seems to be try everything, keep everything and figure out how it's going to all fit together a couple of years down the line when the label is finally saying we need a follow up to your last album. A vast majority of the classics that are still listened to and talked about today were made in 2 or 3 weeks. There are too few that have that immediacy today.

Sorry, I haven't really answered your question but it did give me the opportunity to vent a little.

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